The name – Makapua – comes from the stream and headwaters which originate high in the bush covered hills on the property. Makapua Station is 3700 acres comprising 1700 acres of farmland and 2000 acres of bush. The terrain varies from medium rolling to steep hill country and the homestead – two kilometres into the farm – is nestled in a beautiful valley overlooking a fantastic lake and surrounded by bush.

Deer can often be seen from the tranquil surroundings of the house as you listen to the Tui singing and contemplate the relaxing and secluded environment that is Makapua Station.

The farm is based on breeding and finishing sheep, beef and deer. The nature and size of the station means there is always a development project underway such as burning, seeding, fencing and fertilising to introduce more productive area into the farm.

Hunting was introduced on the farm to give people the opportunity to see a piece of New Zealand they have never had the chance to and one that is not available to the general public.