To date over 250 – mainly youngsters but some oldies – have shot their first deer on Makapua Station.

Frequent numbers of 10-14 point stags have been shot each roar.


Each hunt is personally guided by either Colin or one of his hand picked guides (if more than two hunters come in the same party). The majority of deer are shot in the evening or early morning on the bush edge with good bush hunting during the day.

Safety issues are discussed with every hunter to ensure everyone is aware of the hazards of dealing with firearms, farm tracks and vehicles and other health and safety issues specific to Makapua Station.

Hunting commences the day of arrival and continues until the last morning of the stay and all ages and fitness levels are catered for.

Whether you are looking for a bonding trip between a parent and child or a memorable weekend away with a parent or grandparent, Colin and Marg will make this a trip to remember.